Municipality of

Municipal Competencies

1. Spatial Planning and Arrangement

  • Raising initiatives for adoption and amendments to the Spatial Plan of the City and the General Urban Plan of the City of Skopje;

  • Opinions on the draft spatial plan of the City of Skopje and the General Urban Plan of the City of Skopje;

  • Adopting detailed urban plans, urban projects and urban plans for the settlements in the municipality;

  • Implementing urban plans and projects and issuance of documents for the construction of buildings of local importance/conditions for construction, urban planning consent, building permits;

  • Issuance of approvals for placement of temporary facilities, furniture and urban equipment; and

  • Regulation of the construction land for equipping the construction plot with facilities and installations of the secondary infrastructure.

2. Protection of the environment and nature

  • Raising initiatives and measures for protection and prevention of pollution of water, air, soil, protection of nature, protection from noise and non-ionizing radiation.

3. Local Economic Development

  • Planning the local economic development of the municipality;

  • Determining the development and structural priorities of the municipality, and

  • Support of the development of SMEs and entrepreneurship in the municipality.

4. Communal Activities

  • Construction, maintenance, reconstruction and protection of service and residential streets and other infrastructure facilities;

  • Maintaining hygiene of service and residential streets;

  • Arrangement, removal and transportation of municipal and other types of non-hazardous waste;

  • Construction and maintenance of public lighting in residential and service streets on the territory of the municipality;

  • Maintenance of graves and cemeteries and providing burial services at the municipal cemetery as defined in the urban plan;

  • Construction, maintenance and use of the public parking lots of municipal importance determined by the urban plan;

  • Maintenance and use of greenery on service and residential streets;

  • Removal of unregistered motor and other vehicles from public spaces;

  • Maintenance and use of public markets;

  • Disinfection and pest control, and

  • Construction and maintenance of public toilets.

5. Culture

  • Institutional and financial support of cultural institutions and projects of importance to the municipality;

  • Fostering folklore, customs, old crafts and similar cultural values;

  • Organizing cultural events, encouraging various specific forms of creativity; and

  • Celebrating events and honoring persons of significance to the Municipality.

6. Education

  • Establishment, funding and taking part in the management of primary schools on its territory, in accordance with the law;

  • Appointing principals of elementary schools in accordance with the law, and

  • Transportation of students in schools under municipal jurisdiction, in accordance with law;

  • Encouraging and helping school sports.

7. Social Welfare and Child Care

  • Ownership, management, establishment, financing and maintenance of public facilities for children – kindergartens, in accordance with the law,

  • Taking measures in the field of social protection, in accordance with the law.

8. Health Care

  • Taking measures for occupational safety and health of workers

  • Health care education;

  • Promotion of health;

  • Preventive actions;

  • Health care monitoring of the environment and infectious diseases, and

  • Assistance to patients with special needs.

9. Protection and Rescue

  • Protection and rescue of citizens and material goods from warfare destruction and natural disasters and other disasters and from ensuing consequences.

10. Supervision

  • Supervising the operations under municipal jurisdiction.