Municipality of


The internal arrangement of the municipal administration is determined by the competencies of the municipality set by law, the grouping of tasks and duties according to the type, scope, complexity, their mutual affinity and connection, and other conditions necessary to establish the internal organization. 

The municipal administration: 

  1. Prepares acts for the Council and the Mayor;

  2. Prepares the sessions of the Council, as well as meetings of its standing and temporary committees;

  3. Performs expert work for the Council and for the Mayor;

  4. Manages the accounting department of the Municipality;

  5. Monitors problems in areas of the municipality, analyzes the situation and provides initiatives and proposals to address them;

  6. Provides information and data relating to the activities of the Municipality at the request of the competent authorities or under the law;

  7. Manages the documents of the Municipality, storing them until obliteration, or until conveying to the State Archive of the Republic of Macedonia; and

  8. Performs other tasks determined by the Council or the Mayor.

The municipal administration is organized in departments and divisions. 

The municipal administration is composed of:  

  • Department for Supporting the Mayor;

  • Department for Legal and Organizational Affairs;

  • Department of Financial Affairs;

  • Public Procurement Department;

  • Department for Local Economic Development;

  • Department of Public Works;

  • Department for regulation of construction land and environmental protection;

  • Department of Public Affairs;

  • Department for Inspection - Municipal Inspectorate;

  • Internal Audit Department;

  • Department of Human Resources.

For more detailed information download the Decision on the organization, scope and manner of performance of tasks of the municipal administration of Municipality Centar – Skopje.