Municipality of

The Council of Centar Municipality


The Municipal Council is the representative body and consists of twenty-three representatives of citizens elected by direct and free elections by secret ballot.

The mandate of the Council is four years.

Council member has the right and duty:

  • To propose discussions on issues, events and situations which are of local importance and of importance to the citizens of the municipality;

  • To provide incentives for the adoption of decisions and other acts within the competence of the Council, and to propose amendments in the manner and procedure provided for in the Statute;

  • To require the administration of the Municipality, as well as public services, institutions and enterprises and other institutions established by the municipality, data and other information on issues from their scope, and necessary for his work in the Council;

  • To seek and obtain professional assistance in the preparation of proposals that are submitted to the Council, in setting questions to councilors and in performing other tasks entrusted by the Council or by the Committee he participates;

  • To keep private the information, classified as such, that he will learn at sessions of the Council or the Committee.